DeSean Jackson is a name that the sports and entertainment world has come to equate to success, hard work, passion, unparalleled speed, and raw talent. Now a NFL star wide receiver with the Philadelphia Eagles, this Los Angeles native has been preparing for success on the field and in the spotlight his entire life. DeSean has taken the NFL by storm with his heart stopping kick returns and his inherent star quality and magnetism. From being a prodigy at the football powerhouse Long Beach Poly, to being the first player in history to be selected to the exclusive Pro Bowl at two different positions in the same year (return specialist and wide receiver), Desean is making his career one for the record books.

DeSean's road to stardom started early on in life, when, during his highly decorated high school athletic career he was arguably one of the top recruits in the nation – and not just for football! Few people know that DeSean was also scouted by the Major League Baseball Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies. DeSean decided on football, and went on to have an extremely successful collegiate career at NCAA powerhouse, University of California at Berkeley (CAL). His athleticism earned him multiple All-American and All-Pac-10 mentions, as well as the exclusive Randy Moss Award in 2006. By the time DeSean decided to declare for the 2008 NFL Draft, he had captured the hearts of the national media and already had a fan base that rivaled most professional athletes.

His NFL dreams came true when he was drafted in 2008 by the Philadelphia Eagles, and went on to have an unbelievable rookie season, setting the Eagles' record for receiving yards for a rookie at 912, and leading the team in receptions with 62. DeSean's momentum continued in the 2009 season by returning the second longest punt return in Eagles history, with a 85-yard touchdown in the first game of the season. Things only got better from there, as DeSean earned NFC Special Teams Player of the Week Honors, and was ultimately rewarded for his 1,167 yard season with a bid to the 2010 Pro Bowl – as a wide receiver AND return specialist, marking history as the first athlete to be selected to the game at two different positions. DeSean built off of his Pro-Bowl season in 2010 and 2011, marking his territory as the Eagles' leading receiver and one of the most threatening offensive weapons in the NFL. His hard work paid off in 2012 when he received a renewed contract with the Eagles, reinforcing his status as the team's backbone.

Although DeSean has many remarkable accomplishments on the field, he has truly made a name for himself in the entertainment world as well. From the MTV Movie Awards to the ESPY's, to the NFL Honors, DeSean is a major red carpet fixture for sports & entertainment events alike and can always be expected on the best-dressed lists. He is no stranger to magazine covers, having appeared on the cover of STACK, Sporting News Magazine, and ESPN the Magazine, to name a few. The sports media flocks to DeSean, as he is a favorite of all of the major networks: ESPN, the NFL Network, and many more. He also was featured on the cover of PlayStation 2's NCAA Football 2009, and in several National Nike ad campaigns. Always up for a game, DeSean took part and won a competition on popular game show Hole in the Wall in April of 2011 and continues to work hard to put in time on the television screen. The music industry is another area DeSean looks to conquer, constantly putting in time developing his rapping and producing talents with his record label, Jaccpot Records. DeSean's musical talents have been featured on MTV, MTV2, Yahoo Sports!, and has been featured on the pages of DUB Magazine and ESPN The Magazine.

DeSean's proudest accomplishments, however, lie in the immense amount of charity work that he does through his foundation, The DeSean Jackson Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer. After losing his father to a tragic battle with pancreatic cancer, DeSean and his mother, Gayle Jackson, teamed up to create a foundation dedicated to pancreatic cancer awareness and helping both victims and the families of the victims of this deadly form of cancer. DeSean recently held a Health Fair in Philadelphia that fetched over 1000 visitors and partners such as the Red Cross and Nike. In addition to his foundation, DeSean is huge in anti-bullying campaigns, devoting countless hours to spreading the message of tolerance and friendship in elementary and high schools. DeSean recently donated $50,000 to the Homes For Wounded Warriors Project, which is another cause that is near and dear to his heart. With all of the good that DeSean does on and off the field, in the recording studio, on the pages of a magazine, or giving of his time and money to help others, it is no doubt that he will continue to be an icon and a role model for many years to come.

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